Globe floor lamp by RAAK



This floor lamp was designed in the late fifties by Frank Ligtelijn, a jewellery designer and produced by Dutch company RAAK. It was a big success and they were produced for many years.

It is made of a black cast iron tripod base with a chromed metal adjustable rod and an chrome screw. The top excists of a chrome curved slat and ring with rubbers that hold the brown smoked glass globe in place. In the globe there is a aluminium reflector and lamp-holder.


A great piece thats shows the early design of RAAK known for their organic modern design of the 1960s and 1970s which combined glass & metals for a sophisticated futuristic style.


Working pieces in this great condition are getting harder to find.


This lamp is in perfect condition, with very little traces of use.
Works with lamps up to 75W.



Height: 125 cm (lowest position) – 165 cm (heighest position)
Width globe: 25 cm diameter
Foot: 35 cm diameter